From fishing net to soccer goal, we facilitated this entire process for future goals, an initiative of Ajax & Sambil. And how proud we are to contribute to this initiative.

Future goals is a diverse program for the enjoyment of soccer by children, starting in Curacao.

The Future goals are a nice example of the custom assignments we may carry out with Limpi Recycling, from design to implementation everything we do ourselves. It is a challenge that we accept all too well.

For every goal we make we need 30 kilos of plastic waste. Plastic that would otherwise end up in the ocean or on the street. That’s what motivates us, we can contribute to the climate. Besides the plastic, we also work with fishing nets found in the ocean. Even the cliffs we use to attach the fishing nets to the goals are made of recycled plastic. With the goals the local children have fun and also we give them the awareness of how the goals are made.

Curious about the proces of the goals Click here

Limpi recycling proces future goals
Limpi recycling proces future goals visnet
Limpi recycling proces future goals extruder